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As I might have guessed, it turns out that grad school isn't particularly conducive to blogging. However, it can be conducive to learning things about yourself; for example, I've discovered that I'm seriously inclined to pessimism and that, when I don't have time to brush my teeth, I'll still put on lipstick.

Some of what I did this spring: gave a presentation on information behavior; tried to figure out different photographic processes; sniffed burning plastic, for science; wrote a paper about the Cairo Genizah; and helped to arrange and describe my first archival collection. I got a job in the digitization unit of the university libraries, and am now in interviews for other jobs. I also participated in the school's mentor program, through which I met S, who is the subject librarian for various areas including classics, and whom I like very much. I guess it's satisfying when pessimism turns out to be unwarranted.

I've turned 23. I kept forgetting that my birthday was coming--which must mean I'm getting old.
glaukopis: Cat and Girl: graduate school (gradschool)
Today I set out for the city where I'll be working on my MS. Ironically, the choice that once seemed least likely turned out to be the one I made; of all my options, it's the most prestigious program, in the largest urban area, farthest away from where I currently am. ("It's a big place," one of my professors said, when I told him I was applying. "People can get lost there.")

I think it's starting to really sink in that I'm leaving, that I'm going away. Yes, I'll almost certainly be back over winter break, but--this will be my first time in seventeen years living outside the town where I've grown up.
glaukopis: Cat and Girl: graduate school (gradschool)
I've been accepted by several grad schools--although I have to say no to one of them--and am waiting on another. I still don't know where I'll be this fall. For the moment, that's not truly unpleasant; I have options, people want me to come to their programs, they really like me! Options, however, are not a plan, and it remains to be seen what choices I'll have in a month or two. (My prospective field is library/archival science, if you were wondering.)

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